Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Cause and effect on gluten free diet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cause and effect on gluten free diet - Essay Example One of the main reasons due to which gluten-free diet is being considered is because of an increase in celiac disease and people suffering from this disease appear to be quite insensitive to the consumption of diet that contains gluten. Celiac disease is recognized as an autoimmune disorder that tends to disrupt the smaller intestine and due to this disruption an individual experiences lack of nutrition as well as distress in the intestinal region. If these issues are not countered at an early stages then the chances of an individual developing intestinal carcinoma as well as infertility is quite high. People are moving towards gluten-free diet because in recent years several individuals have been diagnosed with this disease. A study was conducted by Rubio-Tapia in order to identify the prevalence of celiac disease amongst the population of United States and the researchers identified that 35 individuals out of a sample size of 7,798 individuals were experiencing this disease (Rubio- Tapia 1541). Fear of being diagnosed with celiac disease is not the only reason due to which individuals have started moving towards gluten-free diet. Wheat has been found to be the major source of gluten and individuals experiencing allergic reactions caused due to wheat consume less of wheat or they avoid wheat at all times and these individuals even tend to live on a gluten-free diet (Watson 133). Another disease which is regarded as a sign of celiac disease is dermatitis herpetiformis which is categorized as development of burning sensation along with rashes that are red in color and they develop on an individual’s skin (Watson 133). Physicians have proposed that individuals suffering from this disease should even avoid diet that contains gluten. Consuming gluten-free diet can both positively as well as negatively impact an

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