Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Discuss how various aspects of physical appearance may influence Essay

Discuss how various aspects of physical appearance may influence career success in graduate jobs.Illustrate your answer with suitable evidence - Essay Example Human Resource Managers are likely to recruit people who trigger productivity in a company. Since beauty lead to such accomplishment, it is presumed that physical appeal gives a competitive edge to an industry. Physical attraction affects female employees more than it does their male counterparts. Women are concerned about their weight because they do not want to be less appealing. Men do not feel the same. Statistics show that women who wear makeup are more likely to be hired than those who do not. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist confirms that women spend a lot of time and energy working on their skin so that they can have an added advantage during job interviews. This shows that women are aware that they get judged by their looks in their job search. They strive to maintain an attractive, youthful appearance because their credibility will be measured with their looks. Debra’s client claimed that she was fired, after working with her company for 17 years because she did not look as young as before (Madell, 2015). She was in her early 50s, more desperate to look for effective skin products that will conceal her wrinkles before she re-enters the job market. The emphases on beauty are too much that the surgical business is booming. People go as far as fixing small features on their faces so that they would achieve the ideal look. In the United States, movie characters are given roles according to their looks. The less attractive actors are given bad characters while the beautiful actors play the starring roles. The trend has been in place for over six decades. These are movies which have brought high returns. There is so much pressure on actors to maintain a stunning look that they cannot walk to the grocery shop without putting on makeup. It takes a single photograph from the paparazzi to destroy their image. It is common sense for actors to maintain their looks because their jobs depend on their appearance. The same applies to

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