Saturday, November 2, 2019

Software Quality Assurance Plan for the Agate Ltd Case Study Research Paper

Software Quality Assurance Plan for the Agate Ltd Case Study - Research Paper Example Tools that will be used in QA include program monitors, documentation tools, static or dynamic test tools, and operating system utilities, tree diagram, prioritization matrix and affinity diagram. The program monitors are allow partial or full monitoring of program code such as code coverage, program animation, instruction set simulator among others. The affinity diagram is used to analyze the problem in an organization. All processes in an organization are interrelated; thus, in case there is a problem in any area, it can affect the quality of the final product or service. Thus, through affinity diagram, managers will be able to organize the data and extract essential information for the Agate Ltd case study. Methodology that will be used is the black-box testing method. Black-box method deals with the functionality of the entire system. This methodology consists of graph based testing method, error guessing, BVA techniques, Boundary value analysis among others. Thus, this method will be used because it has several advantages of the others such as the tester can be non-technical, it can be used to verify contradictions in actual system, as well as specifications, and the test cases can be designed once the functional specifications are complete. It is essential for an organization ensure quality of products in each stage so as to meet the demands of customers consistently. For this reason, the QA will monitor the methods and tools used to maintain and control versions of system products through verification and validation of the products. Verification refers to the process of checking the software meets the functional requirements while validation ensures that the needs of customers are met i.e. it ensure the all the functionality expected by the customer is implemented. In addition, even a slight deviation from the functional specification is said to be a fault based on the severity of the case. Also, during the

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